Who is Owen Gerrard
At the age of 18 Owen set out from Dublin for Munich, Bavaria, It was there that Owen began to deepen his knowledge of guitar and bodhran (Irish Drum) playing. Using his songwriting ability and vocal skills to participate in evenings with friends, he quickly progressed to performing live-shows in pubs and clubs. It was a short step then to festivals, creating a show with a repertoire mainly consisting of traditional Irish songs and famous covers of the past 50 years. From there, travelling and living between various countries for the last 25 years, with over 3000 concerts Owen has appeared in pubs, clubs and festivals in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, England, United States and Owen has even appeared on stages in China. 
He has performed alongside great artists among which: Chieftains, Clancey Brothers, Gerry O'Connor, Modena City Ramblers, Bandabardò.
He also appeared on "The All-Ireland Talent Show" in 2009/2010, receiving high praise from "Dana" (former Eurovision winner for Ireland).
Owen continues his music life "on the road", sometimes "solo", but often together with "Daniele Morelli" and/or with "Michele Bianchi" (Micky White). Be it in "acoustic duo" or "acoustic trio" formation, a memorable live-show is always guaranteed, as both are musicians of the highest pedigree, with a track-record to match the best professionals in the music World.

Owen has recorded 4 CDs, along with various individual tracks (that can be found on itunes, see attached link), in order: 
1. - Most of the time (2000)
2. -Owen Gerrard & Temple Street Band live at Vox (2002)
3. -Live and Acoustic at Acoustic (2005)
4. -The Way it Goes (2008)

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