Who is Owen Gerrard
Travelling between various countries for the last 25 years, Owen has appeared in pubs, clubs and festivals in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, England, United States. Owen has even appeared on stages in China. 
He has performed alongside various well known artists.
Often playing together with "Daniele Morelli" , "Michele Bianchi" and "Luca Cantelli".

Owen has recorded 4 CDs, along with various original tracks (that can be found on itunes, see attached link)
1. - Most of the time (2000)
2. -Owen Gerrard & Temple Street Band live at Vox (2002)
3. -Live and Acoustic at Acoustic (2005)
4. -The Way it Goes (2008)

​​​​​​​Owen is currently working on a new original CD.

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